Uchisar to Soganli

After 4 days of psychedelic Cappadocia it was time to move on and well to Soganli.

The weather was crisp and clear when we left Uchisar and the first 12km was an easy downhill cycle. Along we visited the “Keslik Monastery” Unfortunately after a descent there’s often an ascent and it was a long and often steep one this time. By the time we reached the top of it the sun was setting since we left quite late that day. We found a camp, cooked some food and crawled into our sleeping bags. It was cold that night but very quiet and we slept well on our  comfortable mattresses and warm sleeping bags. The next day turned into another clear and warm day.

We entered Soganli after having to buy a ticket at the roadside kiosk with a boom gate then cycled further. The scenery was impressive with big rock formations on either sides with churches and more weird rock forms on the slopes. We climbed a few rocks and cycled further till the end of the road where women were selling little dolls for which the area is famous. There was a large garden with tables and chairs and a restaurant. Yes, just what we needed so we ordered a delicious meal of meatballs in sauce with salad and rice. We were offered to sleep in the garden in our tent where later a very playful young dog joined us.