Isfahan – Yasd – Shiraz

After a stressful search for my money bag which I had inadvertently left in the restaurant next door to our hotel, we left Tabriz for the long journey to Tehran by bus. We were invited by Sara whom we had met in Ankara. Our arrival was difficult. It was raining and dark and we had to cycle 17 kilometers through the dense and dangerous Tehran traffic before we reached our destination.

It was nice to see Sara and fellow Czech cyclist Marcel who stayed at the apartment as well but we decided we were in need for some tranquility and after 2 days we left for the old city of Kashan.

Iranian child

In Kashan we stayed in a historic house which was turned into a Bed & Breakfast by a young couple from Tehran. This house with a deep, shady inner courtyard and living space, was surrounded by high brick and mud walls like most houses here. We were in awe with the ancient system of “Windcatchers” on the roofs which provide ventilation indoors. These can also facilitate evaporative cooling with the help of deep water reservoirs underground.

Kashan Rooftops
Mosque in Kashan
Bazaar of Kashan

After interesting and tranquil Kashan we left for Isfahan, another old Persian city. Here we met our Swiss friends and cyclists Hans and Christa with whom we traveled on and off through Iran.

Shah Mosque Isfahan
Chinese tourists
Khaju Bridge Isfahan
Iranian school children
Friends Hans and Christa