On the 9th of March I booked a return ticket Goa – Amsterdam with stopovers in Delhi and Istanbul to attend a family funeral. On the return flight on Friday the 13th(!) I was stopped in Istanbul where I was told that India had closed it’s borders at 12:00am that day and I was assured I could not go any further due to the Covid-19 virus. While one after the other country closed it’s borders hundreds of people had to find a way to get home. It was chaos at the airport. I was even told that I could not fly back to the Netherlands. After being send back and forwards from one desk to another I booked a flight to London at 01:30 pm for the next day but five hours later heard surprisingly there were yet two flights to Amsterdam that morning. I managed to re-book my ticket and got by good fortune a seat on the second flight. It meant Michele and I were separated for an indefinite period of time.

Luckily we were both in good  places so were at ease with the circumstances. After being separated for over six weeks Michele managed to come home with our left luggage and our two traveling bikes in a long, dreadful trip of fifty seven hours.

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