Muscat Roundtrip I

It was a hard 90 km cycle, mostly on the highway with a stiff headwind to Muscat. Tired and sweaty we arrived at our hotel where we dumped our stuff, had a much anticipated hot shower and went out to a good vegetarian restaurant recommended by a local.

The previous days we had tried to obtain our e-visas for India but were unsuccessful. It was impossible to get passed the first of 7 pages on the website. But with strong wifi in the hotel we managed to get through and got our multiple entry, one year visas.   Note: Be aware that if you apply for ány E-visa for any country, you are very easily re-directed to a third party commercial visa-service often without noticing it but where you pay a multiple of the real sum!

When we arrived in Sinaw for the “Friday Camel Market”, apparently an experience not to be missed, we heard it had been the previous day for some reason. Disappointed we walked around and found a small fish market, always a good place to see some interesting characters. On our way back we stopped to visit The Grand Mosque in Muscat which can hold 20.000 worshippers.

Fish Market Sinaw
Sinaw, Oman
Omani in Sinaw
Grand Mosque Muscat
Wadi camp

Because of our limited amount of (visa) time we took the decision to explore some wadi’s and a small part of the desert with a 4 wheel drive car. It would just be too far and hard with our packed bikes so we took our camping stuff and drove southward along the coast direction Sur. We visited Quriyat and camped in a dry Wadi under the stars. Via Qalhat, the old capital, we passed Sur and then went inland to Wadi Bani Khalid which looked nice but quite cultivated with a restaurant, swimming and picnic areas so we drove on and found a good camp near a river.

Quriyat Fishing Village
Omani Fishermen
Omani braiding a rope