Isfahan – Yasd – Shiraz

Iranian Mannequins
Iranian Mannequins

There is so much history and culture in Iran for the world to see but sadly the country is deteriorating and the very friendly people are in despair. In Tabriz I felt the oppression for the first time. Many people expressed their frustration of having no freedom or future. Salaries have remained the same for the last 10 years but prices did go up. It hardly matters what you have studied either. Most qualified people have to do low payed jobs. A couple of people conveyed the need for American help, the country we think they would hate most…

Shah Mosque Isfahan
Isfahan waiters

Yasd is an ancient city close to the desert and is one of the largest cities build entirely out of Adobe (mudbrick). Here you can pleasantly get lost in endless alleys and dwellings and find shops, teahouses or visit one of the many café roof terraces. Yasd is also famous for its Windcatchers and underground channels (Qanats). We liked Yasd, for it’s people and interesting sites.

Roof Tea Garden in Yasd
Yasd rooftops over inner courtyards

Iranians are warm, open and friendly. Always interested in you and where you come from.

Iranian Women
Iranian young women
Vakil Mosque Shiraz
Michele and Christa