The day before the ferry to Shinas was suppose to leave the weather was fine. Wonderful! This meant the ferry would arrive and more so that our Dhow boat trip for today was going ahead.

Leaving the harbor in our Dhow we were amazed how many speedboats were crossing the Strait of Hormuz. Our boatman told us they were Iranians “trading and dealing” with the Omanis. Oman has no issues with any neighboring countries, has always remained neutral in any conflicts and is therefore by some called “Switzerland of the Middle East”.

Sailing through these waters surrounded by rugged cliffs was an amazing experience. Once the boats had stopped their engines it was quiet. I got some snorkel equipement and had a swim in the clear turquoise water with exotic colored fish. We were lucky to see dolphins at close range being very playful in the boats waves as well. It turned out to be a wonderful day.

The next day we took the ferry to Shinas where we met our “mountain” cyclists Thomas and Yogi again. Their plan was to cycle through Saudi Arabia’s “Empty Quarter” since it has opened the border for tourists. Tough cookies they are! We hope they make it.


Iranian speedboats
Dhow boat Musandam
People watching dolphins
Oil tankers waiting in the Strait of Hormuz

One-sixth of global produced oil and one-third of the world’s liquified natural gas is transported through The Strait of Hormuz by oil tankers.

Ferry to Shinas
Omani boy