DAY 32    On the road…you can see why I married this woman ; ))

Regensburg camping

Later that day we arrived at the local Passau camping which turned out to be very pleasant. Full of cyclists heading somewhere..It was almost raining so we quickly set up camp and there we were met by a family of very tame ducks. Not disturbed by anything much, some came to the tent to ask for a crumb or two.

After some heavy rain we went to the camp restaurant which was run by an older Italian couple who made the most delicious pizza’s and pasta’s for a small price. To stay there was enjoyable also because it was close to the centre and yet very quiet.

Next day we walked into the centre. We always look for the Church tower and you cannot mis it in Passau because of it’s size. The St. Stephan there is an impressive baroque Cathedral with the biggest organ in the world with 17974 pipes. Build between 1668 and 1693 by Carlo Lurago, interieur done by Giovanni Battista Carlone and fresco’s by Carpoforo Tencalla. We were stunned what we saw inside, such craftsmanship!

dome passau
St.Stephan Church Passau

Last of Passau but not least..we went into this hunting shop to buy some “Pepperspray” for future defense against aggressive dogs or bears. In the shop I saw this “Icon of a Bavarian” and asked if I could take a picture of him. He volunteered but only if he could hold my I looked at Michele who tried to hide but she was to late!

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