Arrival in India

Well, not everything is as easy as you hoped for. The bureaucracy is so intense that it becomes funny. Once on the plane you would think you can throw away your boarding pass. Not in India! They keep asking to see it even when you leave the Airport. ‘Boarding-Exit Pass’ would be a better name. Also the fingerprinting is a comical task. All ten fingers! I was asked so many times to repeat the process of fingerprinting my thumb, which is nothing more than rolling it from left to right over a scanner, that I really started to doubt not only about my thumb but my ability in general. Then there were the endless questions of how, which, when, where, with whom, how long and why. It was for them quite serious and definitely time consuming but we all remained in good spirit. There were no surprises for us knowing the Indian love of bureaucracy.

India is busy, noisy and chaotic but it works. People are very willing to help. We arrived late but in no time we were in a taxi, bikes on top, on our way to Noël’s Guesthouse at Bogmalo Beach not too far from the Airport. A scrumptious dinner was had at the beach and then to sleep. The next day we took the local “almost falling apart” bus to Vasco da Gama. The bus was so noisy I am sure it must have damaged my ears. After I located the right place to purchase new sim cards I went looking for an ATM that worked and in the mean time Michele was filling in forms, make photographs, copies and more forms before we managed to install new sim cards but…our phones worked! We returned by bus but this time the added noise was?… loud Indian rap music. Never a dull moment.

Back at Bogmalo Beach at “Tonys Beach Club” we had a meal so tasty we still talk about it, Goan dahl, Mughlai chicken and butter garlic naan, yum!

Arrival India
Arrival India
Bogmalo Beach
Almost falling apart bus
Waiting in the shadow
Bogmalo Station

Cows in India, they’re just there.

Bogmalo Beach
Indian Lifeguard
Flight Muscat - Goa