Going East

We are Ruud and Michele. Me, a Dutchie, met Michele, an Aussie, in Nepal whilst trekking the Annapurna. Before we had children we talked about cycling from Holland to Australia. We even bought the bikes to do it. But then we had children, a house, busy jobs, a dog, you know…

Now, 30 years later, children independent, we are full-filling our dream. Started from The Hague we are currently cycling in North-East Romania along the Limes Route passing the Old Bucovina Monasteries. How far we will go?

We leave it open..

This Web Blog is meant to keep this trip alive and keep friends and family updated of our beings.

Ruud and Michele

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Camp at night© Ruud Visser
Balloon Flight© Ruud Visser
Balloon Flight© Ruud Visser

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